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Rich year, huh?

This year's been real rich in all kinds of attacks on religious people so far, from the infamous cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad to the highly-advertised and spinned "The Da Vinci Code" film.
The problem is "the certain people" were "deeply shocked" at that "terrible Muslim rampage" which of course quite naturally followed the cartoon publication and republication. "Barbarians!" - shouted some representatives of so-called "civilized Europe", not noticing the real barbarian in this case.
A gay star Sir Ian McKellen (who played in "The Da Vinci Code" one of the main characters), while at the Cannes Film Festival in France, managed to say that he entirely supports Dan Brown's (the author of the book "The Da Vinci Code") plot that Jesus married Mary Magdalene, because it would prove the prophet wasn't a homosexual and that Christians all over the world should be happy with this idea. Saying that, the actor as if emphasized "If you, my dear Christians, think Jesus wasn't married, then he was a gay!". Funny and acid. And completely
The French paper "France Soir", which reproduced a set of Danish caricatures depicting the Prophet Muhammad, said it had decided to republish them "because no religious dogma can impose itself on a democratic and secular society", fogetting that in "a democratic and secular society" live a great lot of different people, with different religious and cultural sets of beliefs, and even if you don't share, don't approve and don't understand these beliefs you mustn't forget you live in society and if you live in society you must show respect to any member of it regardless of his origin and creed. It is highly disgusting that some members of "modern society" are just not aware of that simple rule and by their hostile behavior they kindle the flame of an ethnic conflict.
Jacques Lefranc, managing director of "France Soir" was fired. That was a good step. No one has a right to justify his immoral and antisocial conduct by taking refuge in "democracy and freedom of speech" -- these poor terms are being highly abused these times. Almost every journalist nowadays immediately mentions them to apply to his dirty work -- and sometimes it works. I am glad that it didn't work this time. The cartoon scandal must be a good lesson to such pretenders.
But if society can fight certain criminals in the journalist circles, it almost can't fight the big and powerful machine of Hollywood. The Hollywood criminals have strong money ammunition and with this powerful weapon you can shoot the whole army of your potential enemies. And who is the Hollywood's potential enemy? Oh they're so many! Look at the Christians. Their god is so merciful, so kind -- and totally boring. What does he give them? And look at our Big Green Dollar God -- he gives you anything. Anything you just wish for. "The Da Vinci Code" has grossed more than 200$ million -- who cares about God, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and so on? But wait, we earned 200$ million on the name of Jesus so that's okay -- thank you Jeez.
With Big Green Dollar God you can say and do what you want -- you will not be punished because it's His Majesty Big Green Dollar God -- the most merciful of all gods. You may not pay respect to anyone at all
but they'll all be respecting you even more than themselves -- because you're very strong, because you worship Big Green Dollar God. You're not a part of society -- you live in your own small but incredibly powerful society of Big Green Dollar God.
So if you're going to ask me how to fight this machine anyway because it has to be fought I'll say the only way to fight this monster -- not to be silent. To unmask the real purposes of Hollywood producers hidden beneath "the creative process". And always remember their opinions and views are that of a minority -- that's why they scream so loud to be heard.

T. H. Harrier
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