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Can Quran Really Be an Interfaith Document?

Salaam Aleikum Everyone

I hope you are having beautiful holidays and had a blessed Eid.

I have a question which is really gnawing at me at the moment. You see, as progressive Muslims, I believe we are all here trying our best to do something positive for Islam's role in the world and the ever-present issue of coexistence. I find elemts of koran that are beautifully conducive to that. Other times, I don't.

Here is a prime example:

In Surah Baqara, there is  long passage about the Israelites (Banu Israel) that clearly refers to their rejecting of later prophets (Jesus and Muhammed, PBUT). It then goes on to say about the Jews (verse 96):

"And you will most certainly find them to be the greediest of mankind for like and (greedier) than the idolaters..."

Its hard to read the condemnations that are found in koran but its particularly hard for me to see where we can have an opening to speak to Jews and other non-Muslims when this sort of text can be brought up.

Any thoughts? Any tafsir?

Thanks very much in advance,

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